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“We are the music-makers and we are the dreamers of dreams…”

                                                            -Excerpt from “Ode” BY ARTHUR O’SHAUGHNESSY

Decisions can be hard.  Indecision is even harder.  When we’re faced with an obstacle or a barrier it’s oftentimes easier to turn away or say that it’s too daunting a challenge to overcome.  We make the choice, the decision to stay where we are rather than to put our best foot forward in an effort to overcome that obstacle or see it instead as an opportunity.

I’m reminded of a parable I once heard, I truly can’t remember where I heard it, but it’s stuck with me none-the-less. It goes like this:

Picture a flea sitting in your hand. Really, picture it.  Now put big false eyelashes on that flea.  Can you picture it?  A little tiny flea with false eyelashes sitting in your hand. OK, now add one of those big Cat-In-The-Hat red and white striped top hats on its head.  Picture that image.  A little tiny flea with big false eyelashes and a huge Cat-In-The-Hat top propped on it’s head sitting in the palm of your hand.  See all of the details.  Create that image in your mind.

Now…I want you to picture an elephant. Picture the elephant standing next to you.  It has grey wrinkled skin and the shape of that enormous animal rises up besides you. It’s tail is twitching back and forth and you can see the giant ears flapping about it’s head.  Do you have that image in your head?  Can you see it?

Well as quickly as you forgot about that flea to picture that elephant is as quickly as you can change your mind about something in your life.

You have the power to create the future YOU want.  It’s YOUR life and YOUR dream.  You are the artist of your destiny and your life is a blank canvas.  If you don’t like how you’ve painted it thus far…just paint over it and put new colors over the old.  Take action toward your dreams.  Take action to change your mind.  You can.  It’s all in your hands.

James Barbour Author
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James Barbour Author
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